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A better path for the right therapies.

We create strategies to move patients from conservative treatments to advanced therapies and provide the tools to make it happen.

Patient engagement market is estimated to grow
to $39.3 billion by 2024+.


Therapies tailored to the individual will take us closer to the goal of precision medicine. As patients seek more value, digital technologies and big data will drive understanding of care pathways. Proactive patient data from wearables and sensors combined with genomic insights will shape the preventive care landscape.

+Grandview research

Poor patient compliance and adherence cost the healthcare system more than $564 billion annually.


Integrating behavior change with the power of influencers and social networks will alter the long-term management of chronic conditions. A fundamental shift in healthcare, driven by an aging population is the rise of remote and self-care technologies. A truly interactive healthcare ecosystem will transition care from a rushed doctor’s visit to a holistic wellness experience.

Facilitating ongoing communication between patients and physicians via apps and online portals improves engagement rates by 60% or higher^.

^Grandview research

Health care doesn’t have an innovation problem; it has an implementation problem*.


Disease awareness and patient education can have far-reaching effects on quality of life. Today’s patients are taking a proactive approach to managing their own health, seeking newer therapies and proven treatments. The patient journey is evolving, a convergence of care, cost, and digital therapeutics is bringing change to the healthcare ecosystem. And we can help bring you up to speed.

*Harvard Business Review

Better Engagement. Better Results.

Leading a patient on a digital journey is a complex endeavor that requires a deep understanding of enrollment and consent, case management, patient adherence programs, appointments and scheduling, telehealth, wearables and advocacy. We take every opportunity to learn as much as possible about the target audience, and use that knowledge to craft a better-coordinated care experience.


We have helped the following brands with a mix of design, strategy and technology solutions.

Accurate Home Care
American Academy of Neurology
American Medical Systems
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota
Boston Scientific
Children’s Hospitals and Clinics
Fairview Health Services
Forward Dental

Heart Leaflet Technologies
IMPAC Medical Systems
Maple Grove Hospital
Mayo Clinic
National Marrow Donor Program
Park Dental
Park Nicollet
Prime Therapeutics

Regions Hospital
Smiths Medical
Starkey Laboratories
St. Jude Medical
Synovis Life Technologies
The Waters Senior Living
Transoma Medical
UnitedHealth Group

Improving Outcomes with Engagement and Technology

We provide the right mix of interactions and real-time insights, which combined with our engagement platform, can support unique treatment journeys and achieve better long-term treatment adherence and patient satisfaction.