Member-Centric Engagement

There’s lots of talk about engagement in the healthcare marketplace, and for good reason. Members are now fully empowered in their shopping and purchasing decisions, and success means meeting them at every step in their buying journeys. How?

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    Engagement is much more than providing information. With consumers equipped more fully than ever before, payers need to know the real needs of real members, keep communication alive, and respond. With the individual at the center of every encounter.

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    Above all else, consumers want value from their health plans. Which is why the RAZR engagement platform helps identify, anticipate and incent members to take action and progress toward their wellness and life goals. When value is delivered, loyalty ensues.

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    A member’s experience at any touch point can influence engagement. RAZR’s engagement platform and robust analytics can help activate and push toward desirable, definable outcomes. With informed design that elevates the member experience and monetizes quality Interactions.

The Engagement Ecosphere

Payer Perspectives

Healthcare Consumerism

As consumers, we know that value is critical. We compare products, seek information and check out competitors before making a purchase. This is purchase power – and it’s alive and well in today’s healthcare marketplace.

Consumers are the dominant force in healthcare, and the key to keeping them loyal is engagement and value. Every member wants information that’s relevant to his or her health and wellness goals. But before you know how to tailor information to a member’s needs, you need to know more about the individual. RAZR analytics help you understand how each member is interacting (or not) with your plan while our platform equips you to proactively develop programs, create positive experiences and influence member behavior. So whether a mature member seeks clarity on the true cost of health care, or a new member seeks guidance on utilizing a plan, every interaction is made meaningful and relevant. And balances the emotive and informative drivers of the healthcare purchase decision in perfect proportion.

Key Takeaways

  • Segment prospective members with clearly defined channels.

  • Develop educationally based programs that are readily available.

  • Address the consumer’s need for clarity, value and convenience.

1 HRI Consumer Survey, PwC, 2015.

Population Health Management

Today’s health plans must find ways to better motivate their members. Consider the business issues: Lower reimbursement rates, increasing costs, an aging population, growing consumer purchase power, and heightened member demands of their plans. Something has to change.

Effective population health management builds two-way interactions by providing education and tools that incent positive behavioral change – change that is based on motivational awareness. In our experience, it may be as simple as discovering what’s important to members and leveraging that data to better understand their current and projected health issues. Advanced analytics identifies members who need a coordinated care plan, proactive intervention (including closing preventative or chronic care gaps), or help with addressing prescription drug adherence. Which informs member engagement strategies that recognize how members combine information and professional advice with their individual needs when making health care decisions. Which results in better member engagement and ultimately, in better clinical outcomes.

Key Takeaways

  • Empower members with timely, accurate information.

  • Incent healthy behavioral change with meaningful programs.

  • Motivate steps to preventative care and lower overall claims costs.

2 HRI Consumer Survey, PwC, 2015.

Quality of Health Care

Quality care and delivery dominate decision making as members continue to take control over their health. With the growing importance of STARs Ratings, health plans are laser focused on those metrics. Which puts tremendous importance on how members experience the plan and the insurer.

How did a member feel about her first interaction with a call center? What happened when he reviewed his first EOB? Every touch point and interaction has an impact on the member’s personal experience, and one negative moment can erode hard-won loyalty in an instant. Analytics from RAZR can identify those members who are most likely to walk away, and inform targeted strategies to create positive experiences and boost retention. By elevating and monetizing quality interactions, effective engagement design by RAZR emerges as a key driver in influencing STARs Ratings, member opinions and quality outcomes.

Key Takeaways

  • Collapse organizational silos to boost collaboration.

  • Outline and share a strategic plan that targets improvement across critical areas.

  • Focus on the capabilities required for excellence in delivering a superb member experience.

3 Personal Health Management, The rise of the empowered consumer, PwC, Consumer Health Experience Radar, 2015.

Engagement Technology.
Engaging Design.

Toward the Ultimate Best Outcome Our Process

Key drivers assigned to each step mean our clients actually enjoy the process. Who knew?

01 Immerse

Collect, Observe and Converse. Stakeholder and customer interviews, content and competitor audits, heuristics and experience sessions: These and more are synthesized into clear benchmarks and a unified engagement vision.

02 Illuminate

Explore, Conceive and Arrange. Experience journeys, personas and initial solution concepts begin to take shape. With vigilance and fidelity to UX imperatives, content architecture, test findings and user flows.

03 Crystallize

Prototype, Trial and Adjust. Wide-ranging thinking takes firm shape in communication strategies, technical demos, experience maps and creative concepts. Specific engagement tech tools and amplifiers are identified with working archetypes now in hand.

04 Establish

Construct, Connect and Install. Business requirements, full infrastructure setup and final content inform media planning and production plans. With creative and technical specs for every step along the engagement solution path.

05 Assure

Qualify, Comply and Secure. The integrity of the engagement solution is validated with rigorous quality testing and maximum-security protocols. To equip stakeholders with comprehensive, ongoing monitoring and compliance plans.

06 Witness

Study, Measure and Report. In-depth performance assessments are captured in regular observation reports and solution monitoring. And as overall engagement dynamics evolve, ongoing analytics continue to inform timely, targeted action strategies.

07 Nurture

Identify, Improve and Expand. A solution-specific Nurture Report brings actionable, operationally feasible recommendations for updates and enhancements. To optimize the entire content, technology, media and experience engagement path.


Engagement Made Visible

RAZR creates better audience engagement. Capturing attention, creating bonds and nurturing relationships – this is the work we do. And our core focus in deploying visually and contextually inspiring experiences means we’re focused on great design. From the first brand encounter onwards.

  • Engagement Strategies
  • Logo + Identity
  • Email Design
  • Experience Planning
  • Web Design
  • Wayfinding
  • Brand Design
  • Brand Architecture
  • Digital Display
  • Concept Development
  • Print Collateral
  • SEO Integration
  • UX Design
  • App Design
  • Direct Mail Media


Engagement Made Possible

Led by user-centric strategy. Informed by robust analytics. Enabled by data-rich behavior engines. And made real in compelling experiences. This is our approach to smart technology – inspiring, empowering, easy-to-use tools to engage the audiences that drive our clients’ businesses.

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