Hyper-rigorous standards of security.
In data and in deed.

Julie Denning - Information Security Chief

Julie Denning
Information Security Chief

Website Security Statement

As you start your day with the news and your morning coffee, the last place you want to see your company name is in a headline with the words “data breach.” Whether you’re a small firm or a Fortune 100 company, a security breach can have a devastating impact on your brand and your business – and your future. Which means you not only need to worry about your own organization’s security, but about the security practices of your vendors, too. One small mistake by a partner or vendor and we’re right back to the headlines.

RAZR recognizes these risks and aims to provide an environment where data security is valued as a tangible business asset – yours and ours – and where innovative solutions are readily found.

For over a decade, RAZR has safeguarded information that high-profile clients share with us about themselves and their customers. So we employ full-time data security professionals who implement layer upon layer of protection, while stringent standards provide the framework to secure technology resources, guard assets and ensure confidentiality.

Here are just a few of the ways we keep what’s private, private:

  • Ongoing audits by many of the nation’s largest financial institutions to meet their exacting security protocols.
  • Annual third-party audits from recognized firms to ensure compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements of our highly-regulated clients.
  • Continual internal audits and updates of security controls to meet new and emerging security threats.
  • Security technologies, including firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, encryption and event monitoring systems.
  • “Least privilege” control standards to limit access to data.
  • Ongoing security and privacy training for all of our employees.
  • Comprehensive checks of vendors and third parties to meet our rigorous security standards.
  • Physical security controls to restrict physical access to information.

Compliance with HIPPA’s rigorous standards, methods and requirements

Frequent third party checks test RAZR’s security of application code and infrastructure

Annual SOC 2 audit report confirms the effectiveness of RAZR security controls

Scalable, secure, hardened infrastructure with heightened fault tolerance and geographic redundancy.