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Laura Martin
Chief Human Resources Officer

A builder and a fast-starter who is obsessed with creating compelling employee experiences. A tireless optimist who loves rallying teams to achieve something amazing. Two decades of building diverse, talented, high performing teams. A devoted disciple of strengths based leadership.

Throughout a 20-plus year career in Human Resources, Leader Development, Product & Technology, and Operations, Laura has built and directed teams of all sizes to deliver solutions to large global audiences. For her, the most interesting work happens where business strategy and people strategy intersect, and she has devoted her career to creating environments in which team members can be recognized for their unique strengths and do their best work

Fun Facts
  • Her favorite things are reading about new places and then traveling there to explore.
  • She loves to hike (in all weather – like a true Minnesotan), and in 2021 hiked the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim in a day.
  • Lifelong learner holding an MBA in Human Resources, two certificates in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and a certified Strengths Coach
  • “Fun aunt” to 14 amazing nieces and nephews.