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RAZR simplifies the process of creating sustained behavior change. Our configurable SaaS technology combined with data, insights and behavioral science puts your customer at the center of everything we do.

See how we can customize Fibonacci™, our proprietary technology platform, to drive acquisition, growth and retention strategies for your customers.

Deepen engagement and increase loyalty

We combine technology and behavioral science to offer fully-integrated, enterprise loyalty solutions that change customer behaviors.

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Create a
better path

Backed by behavioral science, our configurable technology optimizes the care pathway for faster conversions and better outcomes.

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It starts
with science

Discover our proven methodology rooted in behavioral science — a full-funnel approach that leverages data and proprietary technology to drive conversion.

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Don’t settle for simply
being a service provider

Points programs are about activity. Loyalty solutions are about engagement. Build true loyalty and transform the way your customers see you — become a valuable partner who understands their unique needs and is invested in their future.

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81% of consumers want to form a
relationship with a brand*

When your customers are
truly engaged, the financial
benefits are real

5% increase in customer
retention can generate

95% growth in revenues**

67% more spent by
loyal customers***

Patient focused,
solutions oriented

Let our award-winning healthcare team show you how we optimize patient journeys and maximize engagement.

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We get you — let’s do better.

With behavioral science, data, and insights, we create transformative ideas and unlock brand growth.

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*Merkle 2021 Loyalty Barometer Report
**Harvard Business School
***Marketingblog research