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The key to connecting with customers and unlocking growth, no matter your industry.

The Power of Fibonacci™

Fibonacci™ is designed to be fully hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform. It offers business process automation, CRM, Marketing Automation, Loyalty Rewards and Analytics – ALL in a single instance. Through the power of Fibonacci, we can essentially influence to the N-of-1 based on our client’s specific requirements.

Fibonacci can be quickly and easily configured, implemented and scaled to improve customer activation, streamline operation processes, and automate marketing programs into a scalable, enterprise-worthy solution that meets aggressive turnaround times.

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To engage and influence behavior for our clients’ customers, the RAZR™ methodology is designed on 4 pillars:

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How does Fibonacci™ work?

Our configurable software, Fibonacci™, is the technology platform system that powers automated marketing programs delivering awareness, education and motivation to our clients’ customers.

In Fibonacci, each human is assigned attributes. We combine multiple systems and sources of data to develop a clear and complete view of who they are and how they behave. Shoppers, customers, members, patients, providers—each individual’s journey is as unique as they are.

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    Financial Services

    Fibonacci™ gives you more choice and control over your loyalty programs—all while delivering a continuous redemption experience to your members.

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    Integrate ReadyPath™ into your campaign management tools to deliver the right communications to patients and clinicians at exactly the right time —no matter the care path.

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    From awareness to advocacy, our full-funnel approach provides customized solutions and empowers your brand to build sustained, loyal engagement.

Loyalty, rewards, analytics and CRM on 1 simple platform.

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Configurable technology

Fibonacci™ is our fully configurable, rules-driven, decision-based engine that can be implemented and scaled quickly.

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Simple architecture with easy integration

With our visual drag and drop interface, our team easily adds users, assigns roles and designs rules, defining how each human will interact with the system—no complex code required.

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Modern cloud-native tech stack

This makes it easy to enable connectivity with integrations to our clients’ technology and any of their service providers as needed.

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Unifying databases

Fibonacci™ unites contrasting metadata, customer profiles, transactions, and interactions from web activity, search engines, email responses, and social media—and provides insights to measure and adjust rules where needed.

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Robust security framework

Fibonacci™ has a robust security framework, consisting of policies, procedures, and standards established to protect the availability, progressing integrity, security, and confidentiality of your customer’s data.

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Fibonacci™ is certified by the following:

  • SOC 2 Type 2 + HIPAA Compliant/Audited
  • PCI & DSS Certified
  • AWS Sustainability

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Clients, rules and customers

Fibonacci™ pulls in a plethora of data, cleanses it, and processes it to build customer segments, while its flexible, metadata-based rules track, reward, and manage your customer and member journeys.

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Multiple ways of contact

Audience journeys can consist of email, SMS or both as desired ways to interact with users along their unique paths.

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Data led, infinite possibilities

Whether you’re in healthcare, financial services or retail, Fibonacci™ will empower you to create more meaningful relationships with your customers. Fibonacci can be configured for the following programs:

  • Digital Advertising
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Insights
  • Data Capture & Manipulation
  • Banking Rewards
  • Cash Back
  • Merchant Offers
  • Delivery To Consumers
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