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Our Expertise

Our data, technology and marketing experts are adept at the art of behavioral change. We understand the science behind the design, and we’re using our proprietary platform to transform the customer experience across three industries: Financial Services, Healthcare and CPG and Retail.

Medieval philosopher, William of Occam, said something that resonated with us:


“Entities must not be multiplied beyond necessity.” Today, that might be interpreted as “Why make things complex when you could make them simple?” This concept became known in history as a philosophy called Occam’s Razor. We liked it so much we named our company after it. And we lost the “o” because, quite frankly, it was one of those unnecessary entities. That is how RAZR™ got its name.

RAZR logo

In 2005, RAZR was founded by CEO Darren Nauss

with a vision to create results-driven, relevant, and meaningful marketing solutions. Our mission of “Be Relevant” goes beyond the workplace, and team members are challenged to make an impact in their communities and beyond by volunteering their time and talent. Most recently, our team topped 150 employees and was recognized as one of the fastest growing privately held companies in the Twin Cities area.

Darren headshot
Darren headshot

Be Relevant: Make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

This drives our work for clients and defines our company’s culture. RAZR™ is solidly focused on delivering relevant, results-driven solutions for clients. In addition, the Be Relevant mission goes beyond the company’s walls. RAZR employees are challenged to bring relevance into all aspects of their lives by volunteering their time and talent to make an impact in their communities and beyond.


  • Darren Nauss
    Chief Executive Officer


  • Paul K headshot

    Paul Kelzer
    Chief Product Officer


  • Erin K Headshot

    Erin Kroll
    Chief Information Officer


  • Jim M headshot

    Jim Mattson
    Chief Technology Officer


  • Ryan S headshot

    Ryan Smith
    Chief Revenue Officer


  • Dan J headshot

    Dan Johnson
    Vice President, Finance


  • Rich B headshot

    Rich Butwinick
    Chief Strategy Officer

  • Lynn N headshot

    Lynn Neal
    Global Practice Officer


  • Kate M headshot

    Kate Mendel
    Senior Vice President,
    Strategic Services


  • Chris H headshot

    Chris Haas
    Creative Marketing Consultant


  • Jennifer P headshot

    Jennifer Parks
    Executive Director, Experience


  • Sarah C headshot

    Sarah Cole
    Vice President, Sales


  • Danielle S headshot

    Danielle Smith
    Vice President,
    Business Development


  • Megan Cdc headshot

    Megan Casa de Calvo
    Director of Legal & Compliance


  • Brigid headshot

    Brigid Ling
    Director of Marketing


  • Brad P headshot

    Brad Porter
    Director of IT,
    Security & Compliance


  • Mary P headshot

    Mary Pastika
    Director of Project Management


  • Blair W headshot

    Blair Whelan


  • Liam W headshot

    Liam Whelan
    Director of Software Engineering


  • Kevin C headshot

    Kevin Campbell
    Director of Architecture
    & R&D


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