RAZR FIT Interview


Accountable, Brave, Curious, Fun, Grateful, Passionate – at RAZR, we take our values seriously.

In fact, we intentionally designate a portion of our interview process, called the RAZR FIT Interview, to discuss these values on a deep level with each of our candidates. Our CEO and Founder, Darren Nauss, says, “The values of our organization serve as our ‘true north’ , they are a series of mindsets that govern how we live and serve. It is so important to our mission and our success that we spend a tremendous amount of time making sure that anyone who joins us in our journey hold the same values in high regard.” This is why every employee at RAZR, from entry level to the executive level, are required to participate in, and will have completed this critical stage of the interview process

So, what exactly does the RAZR FIT Interview involve?

Once a candidate progresses through a few initial rounds of interviewing, it won’t be long before that candidate is scheduled to meet with two RAZR teammates to participate in the RAZR FIT Interview. Ahead of the interview, the candidate is provided a VAS (Values Alignment Scorecard). They are asked to reflect on their experiences and rate themselves numerically on a scale of 1-12 based on how they feel they embody each of the values currently AND where they would like to be in the future. (Because we believe there’s always room to improve!) The VAS guides the conversation during the interview, as the candidate will be asked to share the reasoning behind their scores through personal and professional anecdotes that relate back to each of our values, our mission, and our vision. A common concern amongst candidates is, “What if I don’t score high enough on the assessment?” The reality is, we care less about the score and more about the ‘why’ behind the score. When a candidate successfully demonstrates that they hold our values in high regard, we’ll know that individual will be a valuable contributor, not only in their role, but in upholding the RAZR culture overall.

At RAZR, our culture is a significant responsibility owned by every single employee. Although the added step of a RAZR FIT Interview may seem superfluous to some, we believe it is an imperative part of the selection process. We want candidates to understand upfront just how serious we are about our values, mission, and vision. We welcome a passionate group of professionals who are willing to contribute and uphold these qualities throughout their career. We believe that with the addition of each employee that has made it through the RAZR FIT Interview, the RAZR culture is further enriched.

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