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Tech-Enabled Marketing

We empower our clients to acquire, retain, and grow their best customers in three industries: Financial Services (served by RAZR Financial™), Healthcare (served by Grayduck Health™), and Consumer Packaged Goods (served by M_LAB™). And, with our one-of-a-kind creative evaluation platform, SellCheck™, we apply objective, behavioral science-based algorithms to optimize clients’ marketing communications to deliver results.

Powered by Fibonacci


Fibonacci™ is designed to be a fully hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform. It offers business process automation, CRM, Marketing Automation, Loyalty Rewards and Analytics – ALL in a single instance. Through the power of Fibonacci, we can essentially influence to the N-of-1 based on our client’ s specific requirements.

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    Financial Services

    Fibonacci™ gives you more choice and control over your loyalty programs — all while delivering a continuous redemption experience to your members.

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    Integrate ReadyPath™ into your campaign management tools to deliver the right communications to patients and clinicians at exactly the right time — no matter the care path.

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    CPG & Retail

    From awareness to advocacy, our full-funnel approach provides customized solutions and empowers your brand to build sustained, loyal engagement.



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    Marketing Services

    Our comprehensive marketing services provide creative assessment, analysis, and solutions; message and content creation; paid media.

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    Strategic Services

    Our strategy team creates the pieces that move consumers from inspiration to transaction. Simply put, we discover how to speak to consumers at pivotal moments along their journey.

The application of behavioral science plays a fundamental role in all our initiatives.

To positively impact behavior change, we use behavioral science to amplify engagement and enable easy, cognitive processing throughout the customer journey. The science of human thinking processes permeates every aspect of the RAZR approach, including how we utilize data, unearth insights, craft messaging, develop creative, and structure our configurable SaaS platform: Fibonacci™.

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What makes us different, you ask?

We are invested in active audience engagement.

We provide strategy and design that engages consumers from awareness through advocacy, creates sustained behavior change and grows your business.

Our proprietary technology platform, Fibonacci, can be quickly and easily configured, implemented and scaled to improve customer activation, streamline operating processes, and automate marketing programs—resulting in a scalable, enterprise-worthy solution that meets aggressive turnaround times.

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