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Lynn Neal
Global Practice Officer

A former Senior Director at Procter & Gamble with a rich history in the application of behavioral science to consumer markets. Two decades of Fortune 500 client interaction serving 1,400 brands, a proven track record of harnessing behavioral science to increase shopper conversion and sales, and successful product development. An enterprising and innovative leader in the ever-evolving realm of consumer behavior.

As the Global Practice Officer at RAZR, Lynn leads the organization ’ s behavioral science capability and the practical application to client and customer experiences. Prior to this role, Lynn served as Chief Product Officer of SellCheck, a company devoted to helping clients increase shopper conversion through behavioral science, neuroscience, and marketing expertise. Lynn ’ s foundation of excellence began during his years at Procter & Gamble, where he owned the evolution of P&G’ s North American Innovation center, ‘The I’, and was recognized by P&G as a Global Innovation Award recipient.

Lynn has shared his expertise at guest speaking opportunities at Path to Purchase Institute, Marketing Agency Association Worldwide, Canadian Marketing Association, and Northwestern University. He is also a Shopper Marketing Institute Faculty Member and Marketing Science Institute Trustee.

Fun Facts
  • He’s an Eagle Scout. Trustworthy, Loyal,… all that good stuff!
  • Pickleball anyone? Count Lynn in. He also enjoys a nice walk on the golf course.
  • Tuesday nights are Improv nights, where Lynn hones his craft on stage with like-minded friends.