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Paul Kelzer
Chief Product Officer

A real MacGyver. A born leader with an entrepreneurial spirit who lives and breathes consumer engagement. Prior to RAZR, Paul spent more than 10 years with Carlson Marketing Group with a long history of supporting loyalty and engagement programs in his roles of Product Management, Partnerships, Solution Development and Reward Management. Paul joined RAZR in 2006 as a Partner in the company and has held a number of roles in the organization during that time.

As the Chief Product Officer at RAZR, Paul leads the organization ’ s product vision and strategy. His passion for Product originates more than 20 years ago from his time at Carlson when he helped to define and build one the industries first prepaid rewards product riding on the Visa and Mastercard processing system.

Paul and his team closely evaluate client needs and the marketplace and ensure RAZR’ s suite of products support comprehensive solutions to drive engagement with customer ’ s brands and audiences.

Fun Facts
  • He’s a country boy at heart…and grew up on a dairy farm in rural Minnesota.
  • Paul loves grilling whenever he can. He’s got three grills on the deck and is out every weekend working on something for family or friends.
  • Paul’s family loves big dogs! Norman and Hank are two big Berners who take up every inch of his heart (and his couch).